Obstacle course

Motion is the best and most enjoyable way to develop our right hemisphere, our creativity and our intellectual performance. Children feel it instinctively that they can connect their two hemispheres by running, crawling and trying their skills. This is why we want to climb on climbers and balance on ropes once we get older.

The obstacle course is a playground for adults. The obstacle course of the RepTár awaits not only the small ones, but grown-ups as well. Obstacle courses have a tradition of more than two thousand years, the first “pleasure garden”; the “Gardens of Sallust” was built by the Roman historian Gaius Sallustius Crispus in the 1st century BC. After his death, the writer's great-nephew passed it to Tiberius, who opened the garden to the public. The Roman Emperors allowed the population to openly frequent the “pleasure park”.

The porticus of a thousand paces in the Gardens of Sallust did not yet offer an extreme challenge. However, it shows mankind’s ancient need for motion and challenges. In the RepTár, you do not have to sneak up the climber on the playground…Relax and play freely in the Aircraft Museum! If you are experienced in extreme sports, you can choose the most difficult path on the climbing wall or you can test your quickness on the rope. In case you are only getting familiar with the world of obstacle courses, you can safely enjoy your first adventure. The harnesses, straps, carabiners and helmets protect you from accidents…All you have to do is enjoy yourself and move, move, move!

4D Cinema

Should you long for more exciting moments, the 4D cinema in the Hangar loft is waiting for you. Enjoy archive footages of the early days of aviation in the company of historical airplanes.

Luckily, film already existed, when the first airplane was built! Today, we just grab our camera from our pocket and record our experiences. Film and flying are just over 100 years old. The golden age of aviation coincided with the golden age of film, and there are wonderful archive footages left from this era. The airplane of the Wright brothers in the USA took off in 1903 in Kitty Hawk. In Hungary, French engineer Louis Blériot was the first to fly an airplane in Budapest, in October 1909. Hungarian cinema began in 1896, when the first screening of films was held in the café of the Royal Hotel of Budapest. In June 1896, Arnold and Zsigmond Sziklai opened the first Hungarian movie theatre on Andrássy Street, named the “Okonograph”. Due to a lack of interest, the theatre soon closed, but this new form of entertainment soon broke its way through. By 1911, there were already 100 movie theatres operating in Budapest. At that time, people were amazed by the moving picture. Today, we think in 4D. Since 2013, the Hungarian audience of 4D cinemas can enjoy various effects, including sounds, lights, motions and scents.

Not everyone enjoys a vampire from the screen tickling one’s neck, but the majority of people are pleased with the 4D experiences. The movie theatre becomes a simulator, so the experience is similar to the one felt by the audience of the first movie theatres trying to run for their lives as the train on the screen seemingly headed towards them. Almost every movie can be transformed into a 4D work. A movie in the 4D cinema of the RepTár can be the crown of a fabulous day in Szolnok.

​Airplane simulators

Do you want to know, how it feels to fly an airplane? Can you fly a fighter aircraft or a passenger plane? Could you land a Boeing in a case of emergency? Could you become a pilot from a passenger? The airplane simulators of the RepTár offer you the experience of flying in a cockpit, instead of a comfortable passenger seat.

Flying in a simulator is a huge experience even, if you have already played flight simulator games. The first simulator called Link Trainer was developed in 1927. The developer, Edwin Link, an American amateur pilot, wanted to create a device, on which anyone could practice regardless of external conditions. He became a master of flying with the help of the Link Trainer, but initially he was unable to sell his simulator. However, the situation changed in 1934 when the Army Air Force was given a government contract to fly the postal mail. Since the letters had to be delivered, the planes had to fly in bad weather and many inexperienced pilots were killed. With the Link Trainer, the pilots were able to practice safely for the bad weather conditions. Since then, simulators are used for training of pilots and for keeping their skills up-to-date. Flight simulator games are entertaining, but an airplane simulator is a bigger challenge!

Once you enter a simulator, you find yourself in a cockpit. You see the landscape and the lights of the airport. You can start the airplane, feel the climbing and the motion of the plane and the weather conditions. The special screen of the simulator shows the landscape in a way that you can perceive the real distances and speed. You can steer the plane like in a real airplane.

3D Aerotrim

Do you like spinning? Get in the 3D Aerotrim!
The object is used for astronaut training, it does 3D movement while providing a unique experience, the feeling of floating in zero gravity!

Pilot point

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be the pilot of a historical fighter aircraft? Now you have the chance to try it out! At the Hangar you can enter the cockpits of the MiG-21 fighter plane and the Yakovlev Yak-52 practice plane where the visitor could feel like a pilot. There is opportunity here to take pictures as well.