Exhibition area

The RepTár Museum of Szolnok, Hungary, is a unique aviation history exhibition in Eastern Europe. It includes 4,500 m² of indoor exhibition space on a remarkable total area of 60,000 m². The museum is more than just a huge aircraft park. Beside the retired and restored airplanes there are several interactive devices offering special experiences to the visitors. The RepTár is not only an exhibition space, it is also a theme park offering different activities and entertainment to those in love with aviation, as well as to families and groups of friends.

The collection of the museum was compiled together with the experts of the Military History Institute and Museum. The exhibits include military aircrafts, helicopters, military equipment of historical value, as well as engine models and other relics of the Hungarian aviation history. The internationally-renowned collection of military aircraft of the former Airplane Museum of Szolnok was moved to the RepTár together with a few new pieces. It is not only the collection’s extent and location that have changed. With the relocation of the collection, it can be visited throughout the year.

Beside the flying machines, many of which can be tried out by sitting at their control wheels, there are many interesting things awaiting the visitors: engines, anti-aircraft equipment, different relics introducing to the history of Hungarian aviation. Those interested in military technology can study the detailed specifications of every airplane or helicopter. Those not interested in technical data, can enjoy the different interactive and electronic devices during their museum walk. The museum includes a playground for kids, a café for those seeking refreshment and an obstacle course for adventurers.

Restaurant, café and gift shop

The RepTár is a huge exhibition and a complete visit can be exhausting. In case you want to sit down and take a break, we welcome you in the restaurant and the café on the ground floor of the Station House.  We serve refreshments, sandwiches and even family meals, and our menu includes a healthy kids' menu, as well. In the shop of the RepTár, our visitors can buy souvenirs or gifts for their loved ones.