Ilyushin Il-2M-3 "Sturmovik" attack aircraft

Type of Engine:Mikulin Am-38F
Performance:1,285 kW
Wingspan:14.6 m
Wing surface area:38.5 m2
Length:11.6 m
Weight:4,360 kg
Maximum take-off weight:6,380 kg
Max altitude:6,000 m
Max speed:414 km/h
Range:720 km
The emblematic Soviet battle plane The Il-2 Strumovik attack aircraft was the most manufactured warplane of the Soviet Union during World War II. Its prototype first took off in 1939. In total, 36,183 were made by 1945. The M-3 version, developed during the war, made room for a radio-gunner behind the pilot and the bomb load was increased. Armour piercing cannon were added in gun pods under the wings. It was shot down over LakeBalaton. The wreckage on display was lifted from the lake in 1999. Based on research by Károly Magó, Gábor Horváth and Boris Davidov the pilot was identified as Lieutenant Jakov Matveyevich Timofeyev and the gunner was Seargent Major Ivan Ivanovich Udalov. The plane was shot down by anti-aircraft artillery on 14 December 1944.