Kamov Ka-26 courier helicopter

Type of Engine:2, M14V
Performance:265 kW
Rotor diameter:13 m
Height:4.05 m
Weight:2,200 kg
Maximum take-off weight:3,250 kg
Max altitude:3,000 m
Max speed:120 km/h
Range:455 km
Load bearing:600 kg
Chemical dispersal and agricultural helicopter The Ka-26 coaxial (two rotor blades on top of each other spinning in opposite directions) Soviet helicopter was primarily designed for civilian use. NATO code: Hoodlum. The prototype first flew in 1965. The passenger or cargo hold behind the pilot's cabin is attached by an easy to release strap. The containers and chemical dispersal mechanisms can be attached here. Use in Hungary The Kamav was only used for military purposes by the Hungarian People's Army. Between 1970 and 1990, 23 helicopters were introduced primarily for courier, scout and medical tasks. The model was also used by other Hungarian organizations. The model on display was made in 1970 in the Soviet Union. Factory number: 7001505.