KK-1 ejector seat

At the same time as developing jet aircraft the Soviets began to develop ejector seats towards the end of the 1940s The first successful aerial ejection was completed on 24 June 1947 from a Pe-2 bomber. The KK-1 ejector seat designed by the Mikoyan design bureau was installed the very next year onboard a MiG-9 UTI and then in MiG-15 UTI fighters . Besides the MiG-15, this ejector seat was also used in the L-28 bombers and also on certain versions of the L-29 and MiG-17 as well. In Hungary, the first successful ejection was performed by First Lieutenant István Ferenc on 17 June 1952 from his MiG-15bis. Earlier, on 2 October 1951, Second Lieutenant József Turcsányi made an unsuccessful attempt to eject.