Kvász I. experimental aircraft reconstruction

Constructor:András Kvasz
Wingspan:9.5 m
Length:7.5 m
Height:2.5 m
Takeoff weight:240 kg
Maximum speed:50 km/h
Engine type:25 HP 3-cylinder 19-23 kW Anzani (original), 25-30 HP Delfosse (replica)
From locksmith to pilot The model was constructed by András Kvasz (1883-1974), a pioneer of Hungarian aviation. He was originally a locksmith by profession. In 1910 he received Aladár Zsélyi's crashed airplane wreckage as severance pay. By the end of the year he had mended the construction problems of the plane and performed a successful flight in April 1911 in the plane named the Kvász I. Kvász held aerial exhibitions in over 70 settlements. In Szolnok he held a flight show on 26 November 1911 at the field in Szanda. This day is considered the starting date of aviation in Szolnok. The story of the replica The replica on display was built based on the original plans by László Révy between 2006 and 2010. The plane's Anzani engine was made based on the model found in the Transport Museum.