L-39 Albatross jet trainer aircraft "Cápeti II"

Engine type:Ivchenko AI-25TL
Power output:16.87 kW
Wingspan:9.46 m
Wing area:18.8 sqm
Length:12.32 m
Height:4.72 m
Empty weight:3,455 kg
Maximum take-off weight:4,700 kg
Maximum speed:780 km/h
Maximum speed:0.636 Mach
Landing speed:222 km/h
Take-off run:530 m
Maximum altitude:11,500 m
Range:840 km
Weapons:Max. 1,290 kg
Its first name was Zümi The Cápeti II is one of the Czechoslovakian L-39ZO trainers that Hungary received in 1993 from East Germany. The model was retired from service in 2009. The plane belonged to the Dongó (Hornet) Squadron at Kecskemét. In 2005 the plane received a hornet-patterned paint job for the Kecskemét air show, and the plane was then christened Zümi. However, this paint job was soon modified to low-visibility grey. From a hornet to a shark The plane was not grey for long: for the 2007 air show two of them received shark-themed paint jobs. As per the popular cartoon characters plane number 135 was named Cápali (Sharky) and model 119 (visible here) was christened Cápeti II – the number two refers to the fact that there was already a MiG-21 called Cápeti in service. The concept came from Master Sargeant Major Ferenc Vincze. He was one of the designers of Cápeti I. and Zümi. The plane was made in 1978; serial number: 831119.