Messerschmitt Bf 108 Taifun

Type of Engine:Argus As 10
Performance:164 kW
Wingspan:10.5 m
Wing surface area:16 m2
Length:8.3 m
Height:2.3 m
Weight:860 kg
Maximum take-off weight:1,385 kg
Max altitude:6,200 m
Max speed:315 km/h
Range:1,000 km
The plane that laid the foundation for modern flight The German Bf 108 Taifun single engine sport and touring plane was developed so that it could perform courier and training tasks in case of war, which is why the Luftwaffe introduced them. It was designed by Wilhelm Emil Messerschmitt. The completely metal-bodied plane set several records and incorporated numerous important developments. Several of them are still flying today. Its prototype first flew in 1934 and production continued until 1942. The Hungarian Royal Air Force used 8 of them, which served between 1937 and 1945. France continued to make them after the war The Nord 1002 type model on display was powered by a Renault engine built under licence from Hispano Suiza and was made in France in 1946. Factory number: 269.