MiG-19PM jet fighter aircraft

Engine type:2xRD-9 B
Power output:2x3,250 kW
Wing area:23.8 sqm
Length:12.54 m
Height:3.87 m
Empty weight:5,200 kg
Maximum take-off weight:8,600 kg
Maximum speed:1,450 km/h
Maximum speed:1.4 Mach
Landing speed:220 m
Takeoff run:850 m
Service ceiling:18,600 m
Range:2200 km
Radar type:RP-2UM
Number of hardpoints:4
Non-guided UB-16 launcher:4x16 S-5K
UB-32 launcher:-
Radar, radiolocator, infra air-to-air:RSz-2US
The first supersonic Soviet fighter plane The MiG-19 is a jet-propelled fighter plane developed in the Soviet Union in the 1950s. The PM was a model equipped with an on-board radar and air to air rockets that enabled it to intercept and destroy targets even at night and in poor visibility. The Hungarian People's Army introduced 12 of them, which served between 1959 and 1974. NATO reporting name: Farmer. It fought successfully against American planes The prototype of the MiG-19 first flew in 1953. Soviet mass production began in 1955 and more than 10,000 were made. Different variations of it were made outside the Soviet Union with denominations S-105 in Czechoslovakia and F-6 in China. Alongside the member states of the Warsaw Pact it was also used in several African and Asian air forces. During the Vietnam War Chinese and Vietnamese pilots achieved several victories against the far more modern American F-4 Phantom II planes. As part of the Egyptian military the plane took part in the Middle-Eastern Wars and fought in the Pakistan-India conflict too. While the Soviet Union swapped them for MiG-21s in the 1960s, many places continued to use them afterwards. China continued to make their own version till the mid 1990s. In the Hungarian air force The Hungarian People's Army used the PM version. On May 4, 1959 twelve pilots went from Taszár to the Soviet Union for MiG-19 retraining. The model had no two-seater version so pilots could only prepare for flight theoretically. Captain Géza Dobozos was the first Hungarian pilot to fly it. The 12 fighter jets served at Taszár in the 31st National Fighter Battalion. Over the years three planes were destroyed causing two deaths. The model on display was made in the Soviet Union in 1959; serial number: 651028.