MiG-21U-600 jet trainer aircraft

Engine type:R-11F-300, R-11F2-300
Power output:5,750-6,200 kW
Wingspan:7.15 m
Wing area:23 sqm
Length:14.50 m
Height:4.125 m
Empty weight:5,613 kg
Maximum take-off weight:6,800 kg
Maximum speed:2,175 km/h
Maximum speed:2.05 Mach
Landing speed:290 km/h
Take-off run:900 m
Service ceiling:18,300 m
Range:1,410 km
Machine gun:1 x 12.7 mm, A-12.7 machine gun in the gunpod below the body
Ammunition:80 pcs
Number of hardpoints:2
Non-guided UB-16 launcher:2x16 S-5K
UB-32 launcher:-
Infra-guided air-to-air:R-3S
A further developed training plane The Soviet MiG-21U-600 jet-propelled training plane is a developed version of the U-400. The plane received larger horizontal stabilisers and the braking parachute was placed above the engines. This version did not have its own weapons either. The Hungarian People's Army introduced 6 of the code 66-600 planes, which served between 1964 and 1987. NATO reporting name: Mongol-A. We sold some to India Of the six planes that served in the Hungarian Air Force, two were destroyed, causing two deaths. After retirement some of the planes were bought by the Indian Air Force. The model on display was made in the Soviet Union in 1967; serial number: 664419.