Rubik R-16 ”Butterfly” glider

Manufacturer:Sports Goods Manufacturing Company, Esztergom
First flight:1948
Number produced:65
Wing span:10 m
Wing area:12.84 sqm
Length:6.2 m
Empty weight:80 kg
Maximum take-off weight:145 kg
Maximum speed:110 km/h
Best glide ratio:14
Minimum rate of sink:0.91 m/s
Basic trainer glider The R-16 Butterfly was designed by Ernő Rubik as a single-seater, light glider with a canvas-covered wooden airframe. It was used for basic training with winch launch. Rubik designed this aircraft at the same time as the two-seater R-15 Koma. The two aircraft were not only very similar but most of the parts were actually identical. Application The R-16s were used for training purposes by the Hungarian National Aviation Association until the mid-1960s. Student pilots completed their first individual flight after training on the two-seater Koma. 65 aircraft were produced at the Sports Goods Manufacturing Company in Esztergom. The plane exhibited here was produced in 1952. Serial number: E-952.