S2.711V1 rocket engine

Fuel:TG02 kerosene
Oxidiser:AK-20F nitric acid
Thrust:2,650–3,000 kp
Dry weight:43 kg
The liquid-fuelled S2.711V1 engine was designed by the team of Aleksey Isayev for the V-755V missiles used in the S-75 DVINA medium-range air defence missile systems. It started operating after the launch engine and propelled the missile to a speed of Mach 3 within 22 seconds.. The development of the DVINA began in 1953 in the Soviet Union at the Lavochkin Design Bureau. On 1 May 1960 this air defence system was used to shoot down the American U-2 reconnaissance aircraft piloted by Francis Gary Powers when he entered Soviet air space. Three artillery regiments of the Hungarian Air Defence Force were retrained for the DVINA system by 1962.