Shvetsov AS-62 IR radial engine

Number of cylinders:7
Engine capacity:29.87 l
Bore:174 mm
Maximum power output:1,000 HP
Dry weight:579 kg
This air-cooled radial engine was based on the Wright R-1820F-3 Cyclone engine and improved by Arkadiy Shvetsov. Production started in 1937 in the Soviet Union. The IR type shown here was made with a reducer. This engine was used in the Soviet I-153 “Chaika” and I-16 aircraft. However, the first engines of this type were introduced to Hungary with the reorganisation of the air force: the Antonov An-2 and the Lisunov Li-2 transport aircraft both used this engine. The Li-2, which could be used both as a passenger and cargo aircraft, was brought into service by the air force in autumn 1949. The predecessor of MALÉV also used it as an airliner.. The An-2, nicknamed “Ancsa”, was a multi-purpose transport aircraft. The first model arrived at Budaörs in spring 1956.