Shvetsov AS-82T radial engine

Number of cylinders:14 (in two rows)
Engine capacity:41.2 l
Bore:155 mm
Maximum power output:1,800 LE
Dry weight:868 kg
This two-row, air-cooled engine was the improved version of the AS-62 built under the supervision of lead designer I. P. Evich. Production started in 1940 and a total of 70,000 were built. In Hungary it was used in the Ilyusin Il-14 passenger aircraft and the Tupolyev Tu-2S bomber, as well as the Mil Mi-4 transport helicopter. The Tu-2 bombers served in the Hungarian People’s Army during the forced expansion of the air force between 1953 and 1956: 113 were operated at the time. The Mi-4 was the first helicopter used by the Hungarian Air Force but only two of them were brought into service in 1955.