L-200D Morava multipurpose touring aircraft

Engine type:2xWalter M337
Power output:156.7 kW
Wingspan:12.31 m
Wing area:17.28 sqm
Length:8.61 m
Height:2.25 m
Empty weight:1,275 kg
Maximum take-off weight:1,950 kg
Service ceiling:6,100 m
Maximum speed:310 km/h
Range:1,900 km
The Ministry of Internal Affairs’s plane The twin-engine, twin tail Czechoslovakian L-200 multipurpose and L-200D Morava touring plane, and single top and bottom wings was used in Hungary by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the National Rescue Service and the National Water Works. Types The L-200 was designed in 1955 by Ladislav Smrček. The prototype first flew on April 9, 1957, with Walter-Minor 6 III engines. Later models used the M-337 engine. The Let Kunovice airplane factory manufactured more than 400 L-200 Moravas. The manufacture of version “A” began in summer 1960. “B” and “C” versions were never produced.. The second version ,“D” ,planes received an increased wheelbase and a three-pronged turbine with a smaller diameter. The Soviets liked it The largest customer of the Morava was the Soviet Aeroflot aviation company, which introduced 68 L-200As and 113 L-200Ds into service in the 1960s. The Ministry of Internal Affairs' second Morava Ministry of Internal Affairs’s L-220A type Morava arrived on June 10, 1960. The bore civil registration HA-REE, then R-04, crashed in Szolnok on August 20, 1962. To replace it, a more modern L-200D plane was purchased the same year. The plane was manufactured in 1962, with a serial number of 171128, and served for 16 years marked R-05 till it was retired in 1978. During this time it flew 4,648 hours and completed 4,692 landings.