Mi-8T medium-sized transport helicopter

Engine type:2xTV-2-117
Power output:2x1,454 kW
Rotor diameter:21.3 m
Height:5.65 m
Empty weight:6,990 kg
Maximum takeoff weight:12,000 kg
Service ceiling:4,000 m
Maximum speed:250 km/h
Range:480 km
Weaponry:Four UB-16-57 non-guided air-to-surface missile launchers
Maximum load:5,000 kg
Crew:3 persons
Capacity:24 persons
The military variant of the Mi-8 The Soviet Mi-8T medium range transport helicopter is the military variant of the type developed for transporting troops and cargo. The helicopter can also be equipped with weapons. The Hungarian People’s Army brought 49 of these into service starting from 1969. NATO reporting name: Hip-C. Operators More than 7,000 Mi-8s were produced in different variants. In addition to Aeroflot, the Soviet air force and the armies of the Warsaw Pact member states, the air forces of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Ethiopia, Finland, Iraq, North Korea, Pakistan, Peru, Somalia, Syria, Vietnam, and Yemen also used the model. It could even carry a car The Mi-8T is able to carry 24 armed soldiers. The cargo space of 23 cubic metres allows the transport of a smaller automobile if the seats are removed. The weaponry of the T type consists of four UB-16 missile launchers with 4x16 S-5 non-guided missiles fixed to the hardpoints located on both sides of the body. Since the side windows of the cargo space can be opened, hand-held weapons can be used on board too. In the Hungarian People’s Army The first Mi-8s arrived at the Hungarian 86th Independent Helicopter Regiment between February 12 and 25, 1969. The first helicopter was a T variant with the side number 827. Training with the new helicopters began in Kecskemét, but by the end of the year they were already re-stationed to Szentkirályszabadja, which served as the base of Mi-8s in the following decades. Some of the aircraft were moved to Szolnok in 1984. In 2004 when the Bakony Attack Helicopter Regiment was dissolved and the rest of the Mi-8s were also relocated to Szolnok. The serial number of the displayed helicopter is 10439.