Mig-21UM "69-er" jet propelled fighter plane

Engine type:R-11F-300, R-11F2-300, R-13-300
Engine thrust:5,750-6,200 kp
Wingspan:7.15 m
Wing area:23 m2
Length:14.50 m
Height:4.125 m
Weight:5,613 kg
Maximum take-off weight:6,800 kg
Maximum speed:2.05 Mach
Service ceiling:18,300 m
Range:1,410 km
Weaponry:1x12.7 mm cannon, 2, air-to-air guided missiles
Soviet training fighter plane The MiG-21UM, or 69-er is the MiG-21MF two-seater training version. The UM abbreviation stands for Uchebny Modernizovanny or "modernized trainer". A significant difference to the MiG-21U is that it had KM-1 ejector seats and an AP-155 autopilot. The rear seat had an inbuilt periscope installed so the instructor could see the runway during landing. Use in Hungary The Hungarian Army introduced 27 of these jet propelled fighter trainer aircraft , 6 of which were destroyed over the years. The first three UMs arrived at Pápa in 1964 with the other MiG-21MFs. The model served until 2000. The plane on display was made in 1973. Serial number: 516903041