Mil Mi-2 transport helicopter

Type of Engine:2, Klimov GTD-350P
Performance:2x331 kW
Rotor diameter:14.50 m
Length:17.42 m
Height:3.75 m
Weight:2,402 kg
Maximum take-off weight:3,700 kg
Max altitude:4,000 m
Max speed:210 km/h
Range:350 km
Load bearing:700 kg
Multi-purpose light helicopter The Mi-2 was designed by the Mil design bureau primarily for civilian use. Its prototype first flew in 1961. It was only manufactured in Poland under licence. . NATO code: Hoplite. Use in Hungary The People's Army received 36 Mi-2s from 1982 to replace the retired Mi-1s. Due to the model’s unique body shape it was nicknamed ‘the flying chicken leg’. The helicopters were stationed at Szolnok where they performed courier and transport duties. The model was retired in 2000. It was used by the Rescue Service and currently by the Police. The model on display was made in 1985. Factory number: 519410095.