Mil Mi-1M courier helicopter

Type of Engine:Ivchenko AI-26V
Performance:423 kW
Rotor diameter:14.35 m
Length:12.1 m
Height:3.30 m
Weight:1,700 kg
Maximum take-off weight:3,200 kg
Max altitude:3,000 m
Max speed:130 km/h
Range:500 km
Load bearing:300 kg
The first production Soviet helicopter The Mi-1 is a Soviet multi-purpose light helicopter, NATO code: Hare. The prototype developed in the Mihail Mil design bureau first flew in 1948. Use in Hungary The Hungarian People's Army introduced the first M-1s in 1960. A total of 25 helicopters were received. This reliable machine greatly contributed to the acceptance of helicopters in the army. Besides training and fire control it was also used as a courier and, with the help of a gondola attachment to the side, for transporting casualities. The People's Army gave two helicopters to the Interior Ministry. It was retired in 1986. The model on display was made in 1963 in Poland. Factory number: W 05009