Rubik R-26s ”Góbé” glider

Manufacturer:Instrument Manufacturing Work (Esztergom)
First flight:1963
Number produced:193
Wing span:14 m
Wing area:18 sqm
Length:9 m
Empty weight:220 kg
Maximum take-off weight:420 kg
Maximum speed:165 km/h
Best glide ratio:23.7
The best-known Hungarian glider The R-26s Góbé is a two-seater, dual-control trainer glider aircraft. It has a metal airframe and it is suitable for launch with a winch as well as aircraft towing. To this day this type represents the backbone of Hungarian glider aviation. The most successful member of the metal-built glider family Ernő Rubik started to work on a family of metal-framed gliders at the end of the 1950s. This was the time when the R-23 Shrike, the R-25 Mokány, the E-31 Esztergom, and the R-27 Kópé were born, but the R-26S Góbé has become the best-known member of the family. The first flight of the prototype was carried out on 6 June 1963. 115R-26s were manufacturde between 1963 and 1965 in Esztergom. The production of a modified version started again in Szombathely in 1982. The aircraft shown here was produced in 1966. Serial number: E-1279.