V-750V medium-range air defence missiles on a TSST transport trailer

Missile type:V-750V
Number of stages:2
first stage:solid
second stage:liquid
Launch weight:2,300 kg
Length:10,700 mm
Warhead weight:190 kg
Flight speed:Mach 3.5
Slant range:34,000 m
Flight height:
minimum:100 m
maximum:27,000 m
Probability of destruction with 3 (2) missiles:0.96
Maximum speed of the approaching target:1,000 m/s
The missile of the DVINA system The V-750V surface-to-air missile was used as part of the Soviet DVINA air defence missile systems. The medium-range, two-stage anti-aircraft missile is guided using radio control signals and it destroyed its target by shrapnel from the warhead detonating prior to impact. The weapon was transported on a TZM PR-11A or PR-11B transport-loader trailer towed by a ZIL-157 tractor truck. Storage of the missiles The missiles were permanently stored under cover, in closed containers at the technical divisions. From there they were transported to the launching squads after assembly, loading with oxidiser and fuel, and the final inspection.