Composite Ltd: K-001 "Bat"

Type of engine:four-cylinder, two stroke boxer
Power output:67.11 kW
Weight:430 kg
Payload:80 kg
Planned speed:70-160 km/h
Maximum speed:260 km/h
A Hungarian prototype The K-001 Bat is a Hungarian designed and manufactured pilotless reconnaissance plane. Designer Pál Vég finished building the prototype in 1995 but it never went into production. The plane only flew 28 hours with a pilot and never took off with remote control. A model became a real plane The War Technology Institute commissioned the building of a 1:1 scale model. However, Végh built a real plane, which was capable of flying with a pilot before the installation of remote control equipment. The successful unveiling was held on 28 November 1995 in front of Army dignitaries in Székesfehérvár. From autumn of 1996 the Bat was taken apart and kept in storage at the War Technology Institute. It was transferred to the Aviation Museum in Szolnok in November 2011.