Yakovlev Yak-11 „Buzzard” fighter trainer aircraft

Type of Engine:AS-21
Performance:515 kW
Wingspan:9.40 m
Wing surface area:
Length:8.50 m
Height:3.10 m
Weight:1,811 kg
Maximum take-off weight:2,450 kg
Max altitude:7,100 m
Max speed:465 km/h
Range:1,250 km
Weapons:1, 12.7mm machine gun
A successful base for a trainer The Yakovlev Yak-11 was based on the Yak-3. It was introduced by the Red Army in 1946. It was manufactured in the Soviet Union until 1956. Use in Hungary The model was introduced into the People's Army in 1950 since they required a trainer that was equipped with the same radio-navigation system as the MiG-15. This made it ideal for navigation and bad weather training purposes. In total, 64 planes were brought to Hungary, the last 19 of which were made in Czechoslovakia. The planes were retired in 1960. The model on display was made in Czechoslovakia in 1955. Factory number 171119. From 1963, it stood in the yard of the Military Museum and then was taken to Kecel from where it was transported to Szolnok in 2011.