Yakovlev Yak-52 practice plane

Engine type:Vedeneyev M-14P
Performance:264.7 kW
Wingspan:9.5 m
Wing surface area:15 sqm
Length:7.68 m
Height:2.95 m
Weight:1,000 kg
Max take-off weight:1,415 kg
Max altitude:4,000 m
Max speed:420 km/h
Range:550 km
Military and civilian training plane The training version of the Yak-50 aerobatics aircraft. The two seater, propeller driven, basic training and practice plane was developed in the Soviet Union by Lead Engineer Vyacheslav Kondtratyev. The prototype first took off in 1978 and production began in 1979 in the Romanian Aerostar aircraft factory. In the Hungarian Air Force It was originally manufactured for the Soviet and Romanian Air Forces, but it was later also introduced by the Hungarian Air Force. 12 aircraft arrived at Szolnok in 1994. Besides its military uses it was also popular with civilian pilots. The model on display was made in 1994, factory number: 9411715.